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Who we are

We're driven to create beautiful, smart and useful online products. We believe that every online experience should be a wonderful journey that brings both pleasure and real, tangible benefits – without compromise.

Our Motto

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    Embrace progress

    The Internet is the epitome of progression and we believe that by firmly embracing this fact, we can play a stronger role in changing the digital world around us. Also, by constantly enhancing, improving, refining and evolving the we way work, we can pass on those benefits to our clients and their projects alike.

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    Be honest

    Above all else, we believe in honesty and integrity and consider it an important foundation in everything we do. Establishing good relationships is key to any successful project and that can only be achieved by creating a sense of trust through openness. Good or bad, we’re honest about everything we say and do.

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    Create for content

    The content of a site or application is incredibly important as it not only influences functionality and design but also user emotion, understanding and interaction. All of our designs, features and strategies are driven by this underlying concept and we strongly believe in emphasising content in all its forms.

The founders

Espen Brunborg

Espen Brunborg

Design Lead

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Espen moved to the UK in 2003 to earn a Ba Hons in Graphic Design before honing his skills with several digital and design agencies throughout Edinburgh. A print designer originally, he now draws upon his editorial design roots to specialise in interactive, responsive, user-centered design.

With a strong clarity of vision and unyielding design integrity, Espen is responsible for the creative direction at Primate.

An orangutan

Espen Brunborg

Design Alpha

Growing up in an idyllic monkey sanctuary did nothing to quench the thirst this orangutan felt to spread his joy for all things design. With unabashed confidence and armed with nothing but a crayon and a sharpie, Espen recently ventured forth into the urban jungle with the aim to help change the world for the better.

Passionate, thoughtful and frequently uncouth, this orangutan is determined to set alight the fires of creativity that lurks within all primates.

Gordon McLachlan

Gordon McLachlan

Business Lead

Backed by a First Class Honours in Computing, Gordon has worked in the web industry since 2005 in various key development and management roles. With a vast amount of experience in digital project life cycles and a staggering love of content, he utilises his development background to guide projects from conception to launch and beyond.

Guiding the strategic vision of Primate, Gordon works closely with our clients to help them realise their businesses online.

A gorilla

Gordon McLachlan

Business Alpha

Mild mannered, strong of will, and occasionally slumbersome, this gorilla feels a deep love and responsibility for his fellow apes. Loyal and resolute, with a strong sense of commitment, Gordon has vowed to guide his primate companions on their journey to world domination - stopping for appropriate naps along the way.

When not marking his territory or pounding his chest triumphantly, this gorilla can be found snoozing contently in the trees.

Bart Oleszczyk

Bart Oleszczyk

Development Lead

With a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the prestigious Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, Bart was well suited to turning his analytical mind to solving the needs of the online industry. Now a champion of progressive web technology, his innate desire for structure and quality is only equalled by his passion for elegant code.

When not contemplating the philosophical quandaries of programming, Bart leads our development team and sets the company’s technical direction.

A chimpanzee

Bart Oleszczyk

Development Alpha

After beating his captor to death with a makeshift wooden club, Bart masterminded a successful prison breakout, leading his fellow chimpanzees to their long awaited freedom. Due to years of devising complex traps and deadly ambushes, Bart is infamous for his ingenuity and cunning, qualities matched only by his taciturn demeanor.

A master of intricate tools and makeshift explosives, this chimpanzee is considered by many to be not only highly intelligent but also incredibly dangerous.

People we admire

In no particular order:
37 Signals, Happy Cog, iA, Joel Spolsky, Avinash Kaushik, Clearleft, Stefan Sagmeister, Carsonified, Jeffrey Zeldman, Thoughtbot, Trent Walton, Mark Boulton, Ethan Marcotte, Uncle Bob, Elliot Jay Stocks, Erik Spiekermann

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Evolution of primate

65M BC
Evolution of the primate
2.5M BC
The first stone tools are developed
1790 AD
Start of industrial revolution
1936 AD
First computer invented
1948 AD
First monkey sent into space
1996 AD
Internet went mainstream
2011 AD
Primate founded
2011 AD nominated for DADI award
2012 AD
First full-time employee joins Primate
2013 AD
Harviestoun Brewery nominated for MOMA award
2014 AD
Harviestoun Brewery wins ScotlandIS e-commerce award