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What we do

From bespoke sites and large-scale applications to distinctive digital identities and enterprise level e-commerce, we service every aspect of the web, relishing design and usability as much as technology and content.


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    Bespoke sites

    The word ‘bespoke’ gets thrown around a lot and has come to lose much of its original meaning. For us, we use it in the most traditional sense of the word, believing that only through being completely unique and precisely tailored, can your site stand out from the competition and accomplish its business goals.

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    Large-scale applications

    As much as we love building smaller web sites, we also delight in getting stuck into large scale, complex web applications that push us to our limits. From new business ventures to existing, well-established companies, we undertake the design, development and management of game-changing online systems.

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    Selling online has never been more popular and leveraging the benefits e-commerce offers has the potential to be hugely advantageous. With an e-commerce solution, we can help your company reach a vast audience whilst reducing your traditional overheads - an incredibly effective way to generate revenue if undertaken properly.

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    Digital identities

    As a natural extension to the design work we undertake on projects, we often become involved in branding, particularly with an eye towards an online presence. Establishing a unique digital identity that is recognisable and distinctive should be a key goal for any web project and not overlooked.

How we work

Diagram of one agile iteration showing the flow between the discovery phase and the release

Content driven

Content is important, we all know this, yet it’s often ignored and shunned in favor of its more popular cousins, design and development. But content is a powerful component, the backbone of any site, informing actions, inferring emotion and driving user engagement; every successful action needs compelling content to power it.

Technologically empowered

Never heard of MongoDB? We have. Always wondered what made huge sites like Groupon tick? We know... and we use it. Embracing new, clever technology is not only part of our ethos and commitment to the industry but also a way to ensure that our products are scalable, robust and cutting edge in their functionality.

Purposeful design

We’re all designers at Primate, at least in the engineering sense of the word, and the process starts from the moment we first meet you. We look at your brand, business goals and target audience before creating initial visuals, intertwining a content strategy and functionality from an early stage to create an effortless and compelling user experience.

An agile mindset

Just as the Internet changes at a fast pace, so do businesses and their online projects. A firm believer in flexibility, we embrace an agile methodology for development and project management. By breaking down projects into manageable user stories and tackling them in priority, we can create innovative online software on time and on budget.

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