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This fully responsive e-commerce site has quadrupled online beer sales and dramatically increased user engagement, particularly on mobile and tablet devices.

Bespoke, bespoke, bespoke.

From the start we made the conscious decision to focus on fewer, richer, more bespoke pages rather than simply create templates to be filled out with content afterwards. The process involved a lot of painstaking photography (there was even a food stylist!) and arduous content creation.

This approach allowed us to put a great deal of time, energy and thought into each area of the site, making it a truly unique experience that accurately reflects Harviestoun’s values and personality. The aim was to make the site not merely an extension of the business but a real digital embodiment of it in every way.

An example image of one of Harviestoun's Hero Brewers

Working with a huge character gallery of staff we came up with the idea of featuring the brewers as the heroes of Harviestoun.

The Harviestoun website displayed on a laptop, iPad, and mobile phone

We debated a lot about whether or not to create a separate mobile site for the project or implement a fully responsive one but in the end, responsive won out. Given that now over 28% of all visitors access the site through either a mobile or tablet device with only a single platform needing to be maintained, it turned out to be an excellent decision.

It's all about the beer

Of course, as much as we love the people and history behind Harviestoun, their beer is what they’re really all about. Creating highly detailed portfolio pages for each of their products, for example, allowed us to present a rich, unique and detailed on-brand experience for each beer.

E-commerce was also a hugely important aspect of the site as Harviestoun needed a mobile-friendly shop that would allow visitors to quickly, easily and reliably buy beer online wherever they may be. As one Harviestoun fan recently tweeted: "Hooray! Now I can buy Bitter & Twisted while I’m on the bus!"

Three Harviestoun bottle with a 'BUY SOME BEER' banner
Example of the Harvie mouse illustrations used on the Harviestoun website

In order to reflect Harviestoun Brewery's friendly nature (and slightly quirky sense of humour), we utilised their mascot, Harvie the mouse, quite heavily. This gave the site additional personality and approachability in a subtle and understated context.

Tapping into social media

Engaging with social media was a huge consideration for the new site and has become an integral part of the company’s overall marketing strategy. The beer map, for instance, integrates with Untappd to not only help people find pubs and stockists but also to allow them to dynamically appear on the map themselves whilst enjoying a Harviestoun beer!

Imagery from the beer finder map we implemented for Harviestoun, which connects to the untappd API

Although a constantly evolving area, the beer map has proven to be one of the most popular pages on the site, continually refreshing the information it displays based on real-time information.

Results at a glance

Stats taken from 1st Dec 2012 to 1st Feb 2014 and compared to the same period previous

  • 226% Increase in online sales
  • 115% Increase in visits
  • 288% Increase in mobile traffic
  • Visit duration increased from 1 mins 11 secs to 2 mins 34 secs
  • Mobile duration increased from 51 secs to 2 mins 05 secs
"Primate have done a phenomenal job, not just in creating a functional website, but in creating a bespoke online experience for visitors to our site. We have seen a huge upsurge, not only in sales, but in social media followers, newsletter subscribers, and visitors taking a genuine interest in our beer and our brewery."
Ewan McCowen, Marketing Manager at Harviestoun brewery

Ewan McCowen

Marketing Manager
Harviestoun Brewery